This site will be used to compile and publicly post every last bit of information regarding Salih Acarbulut from home/office addresses, phone numbers, and even personal data such as social security number and all known bank account information. Any information relating to the fraudulent companies, legal allegations, and information relating to the millions of dollars stolen from investors will also be available on this site.

Everyone who has dealt with and lost large amounts of money due to Salih Acarbulut in the past are invited to sign up and post their own story and/or any additional information they would like to make public. Simply click “register” on the menu to the right, and after signing up you will later receive an email activating your account giving you the ability to post information on this site. All content on this site is constantly pushed out to all major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN/Bing, and after every new update to rapidly spread and archive new information globally.

This information and any future information will remain online and 100% publicly available to the world until issues relating to Salih Acarbulut are resolved or until the end of time.

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